Project Description

Secured Internet Banking Channel for Private Banking Clients in APAC


Internet banking channel to serve private banking clients in Asia Pacific region while complying with the security guidelines outlined by central banks, including:

1) End-to-End Encryption Authentication Process

2) Flexible User Administration solution with granular administration and delegation

3) End-to-End Protection of customer PIN


• AccessMatrix Universal Authentication Server (UAS) E2E Encryption Module as the standard authentication platform

• AccessMatrix E2EE creates a secured channel between the customer’s PC and Hardware Security Module (HSM). The password can only be decrypted for verification by the HSM.

• 3 control options for granular administration delegation


• Complies with local regulatory mandate

• Promotes confidence and integrity of high net-worth clients’ access

• Convenient yet secure authentication risk-based approach for internal and external users

• Permits cross business unit usage for authentication devices, enhancing users’ experience and reduces cost of management